EREEL brings specialist expertise to solutions for your Projects, Renewable Energy infrastructure as well as your renewable energy cum products based installations / sites. Our comprehensive services include renewable energy system analysis in parallel to the suitable products selection, your systems’ energy demand assessment with supply and system resilience in anomalies. We also offer solutions on utilities consultancy and sustainable engineering design electrical system and so on. We are trusted to bring inventive solutions to complex technical challenges. We also meet the creative and commercial demands of designers and developers. Our electrical specialists work seamlessly to create complete building services solutions with creative design process. we contribute innovative uses of technology to solutions that merge creativity with efficiency.

Renewable Energy Solution

The increasing demand of the power, price of the oil, gas and other energy resources and growing concern of our environment made us to think of renewable source of power and energy. Popularity of renewable energy is increasing gradually. In near future renewable energy will take over the place of the conventional energy and power source. Considering the practical scenario, EREEL provides all the related solutions from products selection to the installation and after installation services.