Our Products

EREEL brings specialist expertise to solutions for your Projects, Renewable Energy infrastructure as well as your renewable energy cum products based installations / sites. Our comprehensive services include renewable energy system analysis in parallel to the suitable products selection, your systems’ energy demand assessment with supply and system resilience in anomalies.

Solar Panels

Bangladesh is running in one of the top solar power users in the world. Now people, as well as government, are working towards making BD pollution free. Presently, its solar capacity is almost 500 MW till February 2019. So, we are the one who want have kept on this sector know how to effectively work over here. Focusing on the existing govt. policies and customers’ demand we supply panels with high Peak Power Watts, Power output Tolerance, Maximum workable Power Voltage and Current as well as the maximum Module Efficiency.

Solar Charge Controllers

Solar Charge Controllers are one of the most essential and important equipment for a solar power system that keep batteries from overcharging by regulating the voltage and current received from the solar panels which are going to the battery. It prevents the battery from completely getting discharged and it increases battery life. Without its proper selection, the entire system solar power cannot function properly and efficiently. Considering the overall system requirement, EREEL ensure their customers with the Solar Charge Controllers of globally reputed brands & standards maintaining all the suitable operating features such as applicability, system’s suitability, operating temperature, storage temperature, battery temperature compensation range etc.

Energy Efficient Lighting Products

EREEL ensures you with the most efficient and quality solar lighting products. Over the recent years Light Emitting Diode (LED) is one of the world’s fastest growing lighting technologies by its reliable, efficient, effective and durable lighting solutions for various applications as well as its impressive performance in a range of applications where reliability, color, visibility and long life are important. To promote clean energy-based lighting solutions, EREEL is always there as your trusted cooperator to supply all the most standard lighting products from a range of globally reputed brands of solar lighting products with related services within your budget.