Company Profile

Founded with the initial concern in 2010, Expert Renewable Energy & Engineering Ltd. (EREEL) stepped in the field with providing solar energy-based power systems and its related products & services. With a team of experienced and qualified professionals, EREEL has a proven track record with an expertise in supplying qualitative products and services for any solar energy-based power systems including solar power plants, solar home system, solar street lights, off-grid and on-grid solar power systems as well as civil construction works. EREEL is a Partner Organization (PO) of IDCOL as well as a registered vendor of SREDA. Besides it is one of the companies recognized by the reputed organizations such as BADC, Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change (MoEF) etc. Being an ABC licence holder, EREEL is continuing to provide its quality services for different construction, renovation and development projects of BPDB, HED, EED and so on.


To provide highest satisfaction to our consumers and customers with high standard of products and services. Through some plan and policies in the recent years, Bangladesh is currently generating around 560 MW of electricity from renewables, which is just 2.95% of total power generation. Experts reckon generating 2000 MW of power that is supposed to be almost 10% of the total generation within next two years. However, many efforts have already been made to attain the goal. According to the Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA), they initiated a number of solar power projects with a combined generation-capacity of 557 MW of electricity. The mission of EREEL is to become a glorious part of this achievement.


EREEL has been working in the field since its inception with a view to being recognized as the most eminent and professional business house in Bangladesh with an array of comprehensive team of professionals and high quality & efficient renewable energy related products. Bangladesh’s past performance has seen a mix of success and failure when it comes to generating green energy. The government did not attain its pre-declared goal of generating 5% of the country’s total generated electricity from the renewable sources by 2015; but that did not deter it from continuing to aim high. The government is now eyeing a target of generating 10% of its power from renewable resources by 2020. EREEL has been earnestly working to be a glorious auxiliary partner to achieve the target.


Though renewable is very much popular and effective in many developed country, yet in our country people find it costly and ineffective though actually it is not. The main cause behind this is almost all the project has no proper design and calculation. Vendor or suppliers without proper engineering expertise in the related field installed or complete the project at their convenient way. That why renewable energy sources are not working properly and forced the investor to think about the effectiveness of the renewable energy sources in terms of investment and return. Considering the overall scenario EREEL can guarantee you a “Prefect Renewable Energy Solution” which is absolutely free from above mentioned limitations.

Our Excellence

We follow the standards and guidelines instructed by Bangladesh govt’s Renewable Energy Regulatory Agencies like BERC, SREDA, ministry of energy and mineral resources etc. for any of our services like products supply & selection, installation and even the post working services. We also ensure safety issues in all aspects of our services guidelined by the FSCD, BNBC, BINB and so forth while the entire workings.