Expert Renewable Energy & Engineering Ltd. (EREEL), being founded in 2012, is one of the top graded renewable products suppliers and project consultants in Bangladesh. Beside supplying qualitative products, EREEL offers its valuable consultancy services on Civil Construction, Architectural design and implementation, Interior and Exterior projects, Site Renovation, Repair and so on. EREEL is registered with some notable govt. organizations, some globally reputed organizations and some indigenous recognized companies such as Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL), Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC), Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change (MoEF) etc.

EREEL has an expertise and a proven track record of working in both government and private sectors. EXPERT gloriously holds its position as a partnership organization (PO) of IDCOL, a member of the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI), a registered vendor of Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA) and so on.

EREEL offers best power solution within affordable range.

EREEL is one of the top graded Power Solution providers and renewable products suppliers and project consultants.

EREEL is one of the best Civil Construction firms in.

Best consultancy services on Civil Construction, Architectural design and implementation as well as renovation and beautification projects with a good track record.

Best Solutions Interior and Exterior services.

EREEL is one of the top ranked Interior projects consultant firms in Bangladesh.


Managing Director

I would like to take the opportunity to share with you the diversified experience of Expert Renewable Energy & Engineering Ltd. We are now in an ever-changing market environment throughout the entire world. In such situation, we strongly believe that “trust” is the key to gain customers as well as to retain them for choosing our quality products and services. We always focus on customers’ preference and provide the best solution within their budget. Since the very beginning of EREEL, we have kept on focusing on the needs and requirements as well as the affordability of the potential and valued customers with the topmost priority. All of these were possible with a meticulous planning, highest managerial efficiency and best use of our human resources offering to them a diversified product range with best quality of the products and services. This simple principle made our companies stand out in the market.

Here is the top Management of the Expert Renewable Energy & Engineering Ltd. (EREEL) by whose initiatives this company was established. They pursue an active engagement and participation throughout the entire process involving any corporate affairs of EREEL and responsible for setting organizational plans, strategies, and guidelines. They are the key persons of EREEL who directs and controls this company staying at the highest level bearing the power to delegate authority and provide resources within the organization as well as they reserve the authority on supreme decision-making power regarding any changes at the company.


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We have a fast-responsive efficient Engineering Team who are always ready to support our valued customers at any required cases. Each of the team-members has a rich professional background with related experience for a notable duration. The team is composed of experienced support professionals who are responsive and take care of your needs at any situations. A brief overview is following below:

Expert Renewable Energy & Engineering Ltd. (EREEL)

Engr. NM Siddique Sohag

Manager-Project (Solar Division)
Email: sales@ereelbd.com
Cell: +8801313771881

Expert Renewable Energy & Engineering Ltd. (EREEL)


Head of Civil Engineering
Email: hoce@ereelbd.com
Cell: +8801313771877

Expert Renewable Energy & Engineering Ltd. (EREEL)


Manager-Research & Development (R&D)
Cell: +8801313771887

Expert Renewable Energy & Engineering Ltd. (EREEL)


Manager-Project & Engineering
Cell: +8801313771890

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In parallel with the ethical business policies Expert Group maintain its corporate responsibility towards the social-economic and other related arena. Expert Group maintains a complete ethical labour practices, philanthropic activities, conscious environmental efforts and volunteering in different events that are direly essential for the society. Recently Expert Group extended its assisting hands towards the rootless children as well as the deprived and vulnerable people of lower economic status. During the winter each year Expert Group stand beside the rootless street children to encourage behaviour they consider responsible. Expert also conducted several programs regarding tree plantation, organizing different sports events and cultural programs with the local youths and so on.

Foods for the rootless street children during COVID-19 Pandemic in Dhaka City

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Food Assistance to the poor villagers during COVID-19 Pandemic

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Education Programs for the deprived children living in remote areas

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Sports Events among young villagers to raise Anti-drug consciousness

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