Expert Renewable Energy & Engineering Ltd. (EREEL) is one of the best renewable products suppliers as well as a consultancy service provider in Bangladesh. EREEL commence its journey back in 2010. The company has been providing various renewable energy related products and its engineering consultancy services on in Bangladesh all these years. We have expertise in providing our notable products and consultancy guidelines related to the renewable energy related products & services in the govt. and private sectors. EREEL is registered with the local govt. organizations in parallel with the and some globally reputed organizations. We are also proven track records for our unparalleled supply capability of renewable energy related products and services.


Expert Renewable Energy & Engineering Ltd. is a Participating Organization (PO) of IDCOL, a member of Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industries (DCCI) and an enlisted vendor of SREDA. Besides these, EREEL is ABC licence holding company. So far, EREEL has worked with many reputed organizations among who there are both Govt., Autonomous, Non-govt., local and foreign ownership companies or organizations. Some of them are following below: